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Eye-Catching, Stunning Headshots and Branding Creativity

Ean Flanders specialises in crafting remarkable, attention-grabbing headshots designed to make you stand out. With each shot, he guarantees your presence will be noticed and remembered.

What I do –

I’m Ean Flanders. I am a specialist Headshot and Corporate Branding photographer for the business community of the North West, including Healthcare, Business, and Technology companies.

I help businesses and individuals engage with their clients and audiences and deliver their messages with eye-catching, stunning headshots and branding creativity. I understand the importance of delivering regular and consistent messages to your audience, and I can provide guidance to ensure your corporate and personal branding images have the desired impact on your business.

It is well-known how important it is for businesses to have strong and engaging images for their marketing material. This could range from a welcoming Headshot or a photo story documenting what you do to a highly constructed and targeted advertising campaign.

I help various businesses achieve their goals by producing photographs that catch consumers’ attention and convey their brand message. Images that are constructed to work on websites or printed media.

A woman in professional attire standing confidently in an interior space with architectural details.

My studio is located in Mossley Hill, about 15 minutes by car from Liverpool City Centre and eight minutes from the M62. I can also bring my Photography Studio to you and deliver the same professional quality of photography at your office or another location of your choice for up to 50 staff in a day.

A portrait of a person with braided hair wearing a black shirt against a dark background.
A portrait of a bald man with a beard wearing a black sweater against a dark background.
A portrait of a young woman with dreadlocks wearing a black top against a dark background.
A portrait of a woman with long, wavy hair and a black top against a dark background.
A man in a black outfit with a confident stance against a dark background.

Create the Perfect First Impression

LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more views and 36 times more messages! An attention-grabbing headshot or portrait is a must to stop your potential customers from scrolling to the next profile in the feed.

Gain Credibility

You’re an expert, so you should look like one!

I’ll provide guidance and coaching to ensure you look professional, self-assured, and approachable and send the right message to your potential customers.

Help You Win More Business

A consistent message is crucial for creating brand awareness, as it takes a combination of time and repetition for customers to remember your company. Having a library of your own images allows you to develop brand awareness and marketing strategies that harness the power of social media to reach a wider audience.

High-quality images that feature you, your employees, your premises, and your products build trust and desire in a way that stock images can’t do, and using your own optimally keyworded images also helps to improve your business’s Google ranking.

What can you Expect from Me?

💯 Before any booking, you’ll receive a FREE Business Consultation.

This is so we can discuss ideas and locations for your shoot, decide where you want to use the images so they can be tailored to different social media platforms, and discuss how we can best transform your brand to get more clients to your door.

Why Book Me?

I specialise in Headshots – and I’ve learned from the best in the industry.

💯 Images you absolutely love – guaranteed!

I’d like to know what to do now… ?

Let’s chat about elevating your professional image!

Ean offers a complimentary consultation alongside a Headshot Review and Personal Branding Consultation. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss with Ean how he can enhance your brand.

Schedule a call today for a chat and quote!

Corporate Headshots

If you need a professional headshot I am guaranteed to get you noticed and stand out from your competition and win more business. I work regularly with professionals like you because I have the skills that bring results.

Your professional headshot is your business introduction. Working together, I produce striking headshots that will:

  • Convey your professionalism
  • Get your foot in the corporate door
  • Help you get hired by your dream company
  • Improve your marketability
Young woman with long straight hair and blue eyes wearing a white shirt against a brown background.
A portrait of a woman with red hair and blue eyes.
A young woman with long hair wearing a blue turtleneck sweater looking directly at the camera.
Young man with blond hair smiling at the camera in a well-lit room.
Monochrome portrait of a young man with a slight head tilt and direct gaze.
A smiling elderly woman with silver hair, wearing a blue blouse against a grey background.
A portrait of a smiling middle-aged man with a beard, wearing a blue shirt against a gray background.
Portrait of a smiling senior woman with blonde hair wearing glasses, a dark turtleneck, and a statement necklace against a gray background.

Actor Headshots

A well-crafted headshot not only captures your physical appearance but also conveys the versatility and depth of your acting abilities, making a strong first impression on casting directors. To ensure your headshot reflects the unique qualities that set you apart, I’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right expression, pose, and lighting that truly embodies your character and range as an actor.

  • Standout to casting directors
  • Show genuine expression
  • Let your personality shine
  • Focus on you, the actor
A sepia-toned portrait of a young man with a subtle smile.
Portrait of a young man with curly hair looking directly at the camera.
Smiling person with dreadlocks against a dark background.
Portrait of a young woman with dark hair and bangs, wearing a black top against a brown textured background.
Portrait of a woman with short hair against a dark background.
A portrait of a smiling woman with long gray hair and a yellow top against a dark background.
Man with curly hair and beard, wearing a jacket, looking intently at the camera.
A man with a beard in a black shirt against a dark background looking at the camera.