Portraits from the Inside

Welcome to the gallery of “Portraits from the Inside,” an evocative exploration into the lives of individuals navigating the complexities of reoffending and the quest for rehabilitation. This collection represents the culmination of Liverpool photographer Ean Flanders’ visionary project, recognised with an award from the Nominet Trust for its profound impact and insightful approach.

Through his lens, we encounter a world where personal histories intersect with broader societal dynamics, offering a nuanced understanding of how factors such as family background, educational opportunities, and employment prospects influence the path to rehabilitation.

Each portrait in this gallery is not just a photograph; it is a window into the soul of its subject, a story waiting to be told. Flanders’ masterful combination of visual artistry and narrative depth transforms these images into powerful agents of empathy and awareness.

As you move through the gallery, immerse yourself in these portraits’ stories. “Portraits from the Inside” is more than an exhibition; it is a call to engage, reflect, and perhaps see the world differently. Join us in celebrating the power of photography to illuminate the human condition and the capacity for change that resides within us all.

Portraits from the Inside
Reoffending & Rehabilitation through Photography