Portraits - What to expect:

A great portrait is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. My aim is to capture an individual's character in a beautiful yet honest way - creating contemporary images with emotion and impact that will be long-lasting. It is important that the photography sessions are relaxed and in a setting that allows you to feel comfortable and be yourself. My style and approach is best suited to natural light and outdoor spaces and we will work together to choose the best location. This may mean starting at home before exploring the local fields, woods and parks. To get the best from the session I ask you to put aside at least 2 hours on a day that is convenient for you. Before the shoot its good for you to think about possible locations at your home or nearby that are special to you - parks, woodlands or the tree house in your garden. You should also consider what you want to wear and to have a few options prepared. Then, when you are feeling relaxed and ready, we will spend about an hour having some fun. A great photographer once said “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”
I'll do my very best to provide a great experience, fantastic service and photography that looks and feels like art.


The session lasts at least two hours for which I charge £95 and the price includes a 12x10 print. Once the shoot is over and I have edited the individual images to a very high standard, I will present the images to you in your home. I work hard on any photography session to produce an image that combines the subject with the best possible light and setting. How we finally choose to present the finished picture is hugely important to me. It transforms a still image into a piece of art and I really enjoy working with my clients to create pieces that are perfect for them. I want you to enjoy and celebrate the images and this is why I will show you presentation options that include bespoke frames, canvases, acrylic artwork and designer albums. It should be easy for you to choose beautiful creative images for an album, if that is what you want, as many do. And then frame the very precious ones in a style that suits your home. Individual framed images start from £125, acrylics and canvases start from £175, frames with multiple images from £235 and collections of pictures in an individually designed and handmade Folio Album from £800.

SESSION FEE £95 (suitable for 1- 2 children/adults)


Classic framed portraits to suit any style home. Your chosen images are mounted onto art board then framed with an extra wide gallery mount into a beautiful hand finished frame.

12" x 10" Frame - £125

Elegance Swept Frame (All available in Paris or Ornate Mahogany)

Single Mount (2 inch border)

Single Aperture

Image Sizes 8 x 6


15" x 13" Frame - £195

Elegance Swept Frame

Single Mount (2 inch border)

Single Aperture

Image Sizes 11 x 9


20" x 16" Frame - £312

Elegance Swept Frame

Single Mount (2 inch border)

Single Aperture

Image Sizes 16 x 12


24" x 21" Frame - £395

Elegance Swept Frame

Single Mount (2 inch border)

Single Aperture

Image Sizes 20 x 17


The following are a selection of other framed presentations available. Prices can be provided upon request.


This is more of a contemporary alternative to traditional framing, the print sits flush to top of the frame creating a crisp box styling. Available in satin or ultra high gloss laminate in deep wooden frames with black or white natural wood mouldings.


Prints mounted behind a clear a crystal clear acrylic panel which offers high-definition and superior image clarity.


Solid wood tray frames, these have a surrounding recess around the image, which displays the edges of the print creating a trend floating style. The edges of the acrylic are completely visible giving the illusion that it is suspended within the frame.


4 Unframed 10" x 8" Fine Art Prints                                                                  £120.00

4 Framed 7" x 5" Fine Art Prints 9x11inch frame (2inches mount)                     £269.00