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From groundbreaking Photography Exhibitions to transformative design ventures, Ean’s portfolio showcases many initiatives that blend artistic vision with meaningful impact.

Each project, a unique exploration of themes ranging from resilience to innovation, invites viewers into narratives that resonate and inspire through the compelling endeavours that define Ean’s commitment to artistic excellence and social change.

Photography Project –

‘FORM OF THERAPY’   –  Liverpool Exhibition – May 2023

“Embarking on a journey of resilience and hope, the ‘Form of Therapy’ photography project highlighted the untold stories of female Ukrainian refugees who found a new beginning in Liverpool. This poignant exhibition featured 24 compelling portraits, each telling the unique story of courage, survival, and the search for peace amidst the turmoil of war. By capturing the essence of their resilience and the strength found in their new community, ‘Form of Therapy’ offers not just a window into the lives of these remarkable women but also serves as a testament to the healing power of the art of photography and the unbreakable human spirit.”

Pregnant woman in black dress looking at her belly against a dark background.
The Displaced Ukrainian Women of Liverpool
A woman is seated on a black chair against a dark background, holding one knee with both hands and looking intently at the camera. she is wearing a long-sleeved, striped dress.
A woman stands against a dark background, wearing a black leather jacket with a serious expression on her face.
liverpool – kyiv – London – Russia

Photography Project –

‘THE DESCENDANTS’  –  An Online Exhibition  – For Slavery Remembrance Day 2023

For the Slavery Remembrance Day 2023, we invited three artists to offer their artistic interpretations as a tribute to the observance.

Ean Flanders, a photographer from Liverpool elected to showcase a selection of works from his  ‘The Descendants’ s eries, which was recently exhibited at the Victoria & Gallery Museum.

“Liverpool’s history as the preeminent slave trading hub in Great Britain has been a cornerstone in its development into the significant urban centre it stands as today’.  –  Ean Flanders

The shadows of the transatlantic slave trade are not confined to the past; they persist today, evident in ongoing racism and prejudice against those of African descent and the wider African Diaspora, including descendants of those who were enslaved and trafficked to the Caribbean and the Americas.

The narratives of the individuals featured serve as a poignant reminder that the journey towards racial justice and equality continues. Our advancements are despite, not because of, our historical backdrop. It embodies the sentiment of exceeding our ancestors’ most ambitious dreams.  Eradicating systemic racism calls for radical change, a responsibility we all share.

Discover more about the individuals featured and the locations where their stories were captured in this online exhibition. Explore this online exhibition and learn more about each sitter and the location where they were captured.

A bald, elderly man in a black suit and white shirt stands with his hands clasped in front of him, against a backdrop of a wood-paneled room.
Slavery Remembrance Day
‘The Descendants’
A man with curly hair wearing a black shirt with a small print stands in a room with ornate walls, looking thoughtfully to the side.
Slavery Remembrance Day
‘The Descendants’
An older woman stands in a dimly lit hallway, dressed in a black outfit with white sneakers, and looks directly at the camera with a solemn expression.
‘The Descendants’

Photography Project –


“Portraits from the Inside,” distinguished by an award from the Nominet Trust, stands as a compelling fusion of art and advocacy, shedding light on reoffending and rehabilitation through photography. Spearheaded by Liverpool-based photographer Ean Flanders, this project delves deep into the lives of offenders, crafting a vivid narrative that traces the roots of reoffending. Ean’s work explores the interplay between personal history and societal factors, revealing how family, education, and employment shape the journey towards or away from reoffending.

“Portraits from the Inside” offers a dual-channel narrative by pairing narrative texts with striking photographic portraits. Texts weave together the complex stories of the individuals, highlighting their struggles, aspirations, and the circumstances leading to their reoffending. Meanwhile, the portraits provide these individuals with a “visual voice,” presenting them not as mere subjects of their past but as embodiments of potential and change.

Ean Flanders’ project is more than an exhibition; it’s a profound statement on human complexity and the power of visual storytelling to foster empathy and understanding. Through this intimate exploration of lives in transition, “Portraits from the Inside” challenges viewers to reconsider preconceived notions about offenders, advocating for a more nuanced approach to the concepts of reoffending and rehabilitation. It’s an invitation to look beyond the surface, recognising the shared humanity that binds us all.

A pensive man standing in a church with pews and a cross in the background.
A man with folded arms standing confidently on a metal walkway within an industrial setting.
A man with a mustache and a headband standing in a corridor, smiling at the camera with his arms crossed.